Wedding Rentals Vs Buying Wedding Items

While many couples choose to rent wedding chairs, tables, and linens, some choose to purchase them for their wedding instead. Purchasing items for your wedding is an excellent choice if you want to make it unique and personal. In addition, you can choose items that you can use again or pass down to future generations. Buying your wedding items will also give you more choices than you would find with wedding rentals. In addition, you will be able to break out of the rental company’s inventory, which is perfect for creating a unique wedding.



When choosing tables for your wedding, remember that the number of guests will determine the type of table that you need. If you are having a formal wedding, you will want to have several round tables. For a more casual affair, you may want to consider a large rectangular table. Farm tables are a popular choice at weddings and add a classic feel. For details, contact the wedding hire Adelaide.


Tables for wedding rentals can be costly, so make sure you plan. Before you choose table rental services, read the contract carefully. Pay attention to delivery and set-up dates, and note any cleaning requirements. You’ll also want to know who to contact with any questions or concerns you may have about the tables.


In addition to rectangular and round tables, you can choose a sweetheart table. It’s smaller than a traditional head table, but it allows the couple some quiet time alone. A sweetheart table is also helpful for the reception’s buffet line. These tables are wide enough to accommodate large platters and serving dishes.



The chairs at your wedding are an essential part of your overall look. You will want to get the best deals on chairs for your wedding, so you should shop around and bargain with your vendor. You can get ten to fifteen per cent off the price of your chair rental if you ask the vendor to do so. Make sure you know what you want, as certain types of chairs are difficult to find or only available through a specialty supplier.


Wooden folding chairs are a classic choice for almost any style of wedding. Pair them with aisle markers to add elegance and style. They are the perfect choice for a rustic wedding or for couples who want a simple wedding theme without too much fuss. Another excellent option for an outdoor wedding is cane back chairs, reminiscent of the chairs from French colonial days. These chairs come in neutral colours, making them perfect for the Old World look.


Another popular choice for wedding chairs is the Chiavari chair, designed by an Italian cabinet maker in 1807. These chairs are the most expensive and come in a variety of colours. Although expensive, they are a timeless addition to any event’s decor. For details, contact the wedding hire Adelaide.



If you’re tying the knot soon, you may wonder where, to begin with, linens for your wedding. Fortunately, the wedding rental industry has various choices, from simple to exquisite. In addition, you can customise your linens to add personal touches to your reception decor.


Wedding linens are an important part of your wedding decor and are often essential in protecting furniture and guests. While you might have to pay extra to rent tablecloths and napkins, the cost of renting them is significantly less than purchasing them yourself. Not only are they more affordable than purchasing them, but they can also be more difficult to store if you need to move them from one place to another.


Dance floor

Whether your wedding reception is indoors or outdoors, a dance floor can add a unique element to your event. They transform rooms and provide an element of fun entertainment for your guests. When combined with good food, drinks, and music, wedding dance floors can make for a beautiful event. Whether you want to incorporate a classic waltz, a swing dance, or an improvisational performance, a dance floor can be a great option.